Protect Your Smile With Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that’s been used for decades to reduce cavities, strengthen tooth enamel, and combat bacteria in the mouth. At Contact Galerie Dental Care in Beaumont, our dentists are happy to offer our patients fluoride treatments to protect their smiles.

How is a professional fluoride treatment performed?

We use a varnish or foam containing high concentrations of fluoride, which we’ll apply to your teeth. Once in place, the fluoride should stay in place for approximately 30 minutes to properly seal to the teeth and provide them with protective benefits.

What are the benefits of fluoride treatment at Galerie Dental Care?

Fluoride treatment can help prevent tooth decay and strengthen the enamel, which makes your teeth more resistant to bacteria. It also helps to replace the minerals lost due to acid erosion.

Is fluoride treatment safe?

Yes, fluoride treatments are perfectly safe and effective. Galerie Dental Care's team will ensure you receive the proper treatment for your needs and provide any necessary after-care instructions to help ensure optimal results.

Who should consider fluoride treatment?

Fluoride treatments can benefit people of all ages but they may be particularly recommended for children and teens who are more at risk for cavities. It’s also a good idea to consider fluoride treatment if you have a history of frequent cavities or poor oral hygiene habits.

If you want to learn more about fluoride treatments, contact Galerie Dental Care today! Our experienced dentist can help you find the best solution to strengthen your teeth and keep cavities at bay.

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