Same Day Dental Crowns Sherwood Park

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Same Day Dental Crowns Sherwood Park

CEREC restorations make same-day dental crowns in Sherwood Park more comfortable and more accessible to patients. Parkstone Dental's investment in CEREC technology eliminates your need for two appointments when you need a dental crown. Our CEREC equipment creates custom crowns and allows our team to place them the same day, reducing the cost of restorative dentistry and improving your experience significantly. You can learn more about CEREC crowns by exploring our online resources or meeting with our staff during a complimentary consultation. Call us today to get your appointment set up.

What is CEREC Dentistry?

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics has revolutionized the way patients experience treatment when they need a crown. Using CAD/CAM imaging, CEREC custom-crafts your crown to fit your tooth precisely and match the shade of adjacent teeth. Incredibly, we do it all in a single visit to Parkstone Dental. If you need a crown, your dentist visit experience will vary greatly depending on which dentist you choose for your treatment. Make sure you select Parkstone Dental for same day dental crowns in Sherwood Park.

How Does CEREC Compare With Traditional Crown Dentistry?

Conventional crowns take two weeks to manufacture in an outside lab, during which time you'll wear a temporary crown. We cast, craft, and place CEREC crowns in one convenient visit. What patients love most about CEREC crowns is that they look, feel, and perform like natural teeth.

Feel free to request additional information about CEREC same-day crowns in Sherwood Park when you reach out to our staff at Parkstone Dental.

Smile Wide Again

Our patients report a high level of confidence following CEREC treatment. If it's been some time since you've flashed your best smiles, get ready to show the world your beautiful smile again with CEREC restorative treatment. CEREC often eliminates the need for extraction of severely copromised teeth, which is one reason we've invested in the CEREC technology. When we can save a tooth, the results are always worthwhile.

No One Will Know But You

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive at Parkstone Dental is regarding the appearance of dental crowns and whether other people will notice them. With CEREC crowns, restored teeth match your natural teeth in every way - from the color to size, shape, and subtle aesthetics - so no one will ever know you have a CEREC restoration. Before you opt for an extraction and denture or dental implant, schedule a free patient-dentist consultation to see if we can offer CEREC treatment to save your tooth.

We are pleased to offer our community same-day dental crowns in Sherwood Park. We'll even take care of your insurance benefit filing to make your visit with us more convenient. Ask our staff about evening appointments designed to fit your busy lifestyle.

Same Day Dental Crowns Sherwood Park
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