Root Canal Beaumont

Root Canal Beaumont

Do I Need a Root Canal?

While you’ll see signs that a root canal is necessary, only a dentist knows for sure whether root canal treatment is required. If you wake up to an excruciating toothache, feel abnormal pressure underneath a tooth or in your jaw, notice darkening of a tooth, or feel swelling and tenderness in your gums, you should see your dentist immediately. At Galerie Dental Care, we are pleased to accept your referral for a root canal in Beaumont. Call our office to book an appointment to determine whether root canal therapy is needed.

How Long Does a Root Canal Take?

Once a two-appointment procedure, root canal therapy is most often performed in a single visit today. Expect an hour and a half appointment in the dentist chair, with another day to recover and heal from treatment. If you’re unable to take time off of work for a root canal, Galerie Dental will work around your busy schedule for convenience. Please call our front desk staff to discuss your needs with us- we’ll be happy to help.

Does a General Dentist Perform Root Canal Treatment?

More general dentists offer specialized dental care services than ever before, eliminating the need to drive to another city or outside location for a root canal. At Galerie Dental Care, we understand that familiarity with our staff and surroundings improves the patient experience. For this reason, we invest in the latest equipment and training to help you avoid the need to see a third-party practitioner when you need specialized dentistry. Our dentists are trained to perform safe, pain-free root canal treatment, along with all of the following:

  • Checkups & cleanings
  • Teeth and jaw alignment services
  • Preventive & family dentistry
  • New technology treatments
  • Restorative & cosmetic dental care

Is a Root Canal Painful?

One of the greatest achievements of modern dentistry remains its ability to successfully eliminate pain that was once a significant part of receiving dental care. Today, you can expect to rest comfortably under local anesthesia or sedation while your dentist performs the treatment. At Galerie Dental Care, we offer options in sedation that ensure a pain-free experience from start to finish. Speak with us about sedation when you schedule your next appointment or when you come in for a root canal in Beaumont; we can help you choose a method of anesthesia that’s right for you.

Can I Avoid a Root Canal?

Preventive dentistry is the only way to avoid a root canal. The American Dental Association recommends brushing twice daily and flossing each day for at-home preventive methods, along with regular checkups and cleanings at your dentist. Early cavity detection and filling are essential to preventing costly and extensive dental care later in life.

If you need a root canal in Beaumont, you should know there’s a local dental practice in your community offering affordable, comfortable treatment to save teeth and prevent extraction. Our staff at Galerie Dental Care looks forward to meeting with you to create a customized treatment plan for a beautiful smile.

Root Canal Beaumont

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Wisdom Teeth Removal Beaumont

Consider Galerie Dental Care for pain-free wisdom teeth removal in Beaumont. You’ll rest comfortably under sedation throughout treatment, experiencing no pain as a result of having your wisdom teeth extracted. Not all dentists practice painless dentistry; see our staff from Galerie Dental Care for an anxiety-free appointment. We accept referrals from other dentists- and our team can offer a professional recommendation for extraction as well. Galerie┬áDental Care provides numerous options for sedation to keep you comfortable.

How Do I Care For My Mouth After Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Get as much rest as you can following the removal of wisdom teeth, restricting home and work activities for a day or two, as your schedule allows. Avoid vigorous mouth rinsing, eating hard or crunchy foods, and touching the wound area. Thirty minutes after removal of the teeth, take off the gauze pad provided by your dentist. To relieve discomfort, take over-the-counter pain medicine or one prescribed by your dentist. Observe the following protocol as well:

  • Chew only soft foods, and restrict them to areas away from the back of the mouth
  • Drink 5-6 tall glasses of water daily
  • Don’t allow discomfort to prevent you from taking nourishment
  • Avoid drinking from a straw
  • Sit up for one full minute before standing from a prone position
  • Brush teeth gently twice a day and rinse gently 5-6 times daily for one week
  • Take antibiotics if prescribed
  • Sip on ginger ale to deal with nausea from sedation and/or narcotics
  • Keep lips moisturized for one week following treatment
  • Treat a low fever with OTC meds
  • Use ice outside of the mouth to treat pain and swelling

How Many Days Do You Need Off For Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Most patients benefit from 3-4 days off from school or work to recover fully from wisdom teeth removal in Beaumont. You’ll shorten the time needed to heal by following the advice given by your dentist. Your experience will differ from that of other patients; however, you can expect at least two full days of recovery from the effects of sedation and trauma to your mouth. Our staff from Galerie Dental Care can answer your questions about the process of removing wisdom teeth and provide additional information to talk over with your family. Schedule a consult with our staff to learn more about treatment.

Schedule a Galerie Meet & Greet Today

Get to know us better during a no-cost, no-obligation meeting with our dental staff at Galerie Dental Care. Your positive dental experience starts by establishing a familiar dentist-patient relationship that will endure through the years. If you’ve received a dental referral for wisdom teeth removal in Beaumont, would like a second opinion, or are searching for a reputable dentist to perform the treatment, call Galerie Dental Care for more information. We accept most dental insurance plans as payment for wisdom teeth removal; verify your benefits by phone when you call us. We want to make your experience with us one that is positive and painless.

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