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Your oral health is important to your overall health and well being. When you have dental problems they can cause pain and difficulty chewing. Left untreated, minor dental cavities will worsen and require more advanced treatment. The best way to take care of your teeth and your children’s teeth is with regular visits to the family dentist in Lakeville.

What Services Does a Family Dentist Provide?

A family dentist provides all types of services including preventative, restorative, pediatric, endodontic and cosmetic along with additional advanced therapies. Good oral hygiene begins with a preventative examination for you and your children. It is best to start bringing children to the dentist when they are young so they do not develop a fear of dental work. By having regular exams and x-rays the family dentist in Lakeville will find any cavities or other problems early so they can be more easily treated.

Restorative dentistry includes providing fillings and crowns. The dentist will make the necessary repairs and restorations. Crowns are needed when the tooth must be opened up for repair such as with a root canal. Root canal therapy is also known as endodontic care. This treatment is done to remove a damaged root when a cavity becomes extremely deep.

Pediatric dentistry is designed to make kids feel safe and comfortable while providing compassionate and gentle treatments. Children will learn to trust the family dentist in Lakeville and will have no fear. The dentist will provide preventative treatments such as sealants to protect children’s teeth. Children will also be taught the proper way to brush their teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry includes treatments to whiten and brighten the teeth and options for improving crooked teeth, missing teeth or spaces between the teeth. Damaged or cracked teeth can be repaired or removed and replaces with implants or prosthetics. You can improve your appearance with a smile makeover.

What Should I Look For When Choosing A Dentist?

There are several important things to look for when choosing a family dentist in Lakeville. First and foremost, you want to choose dentist with experience, training and expertise to handle all types of dental needs. Choose a family dentist in Lakeville who can treat children and adults. This way you can visit one dental office for all the needs of your entire family.

Consider the location and hours of the dentist. You want to make sure that the hours are flexible so you can schedule appointments at times that are convenient for your family. Verify that the dentist accepts your particular dental insurance provider. Choose a dentist that can get you in quickly if you are experiencing a dental emergency.

Importantly, visit the dental office and make sure that you feel comfortable. A friendly staff and dentist will go a long way in making sure that you always like your experience. The dentist will use the latest techniques and equipment so that dental care is always as fast, easy and pain-free as possible. Visit our website to learn more about our dental practice and to schedule an appointment for you and your family members.  

Family Dentist Lakeville
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